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We are currently testing to run Docmosis for Windows users and, as we use a 64bits version of the JVM, I was hoping to be able to run the newly available 64bits flavour of LibreOffice 5.

Unfortunately I experience a fair bit of issues. So I was wondering if I needed to do special things on Windows anyway or if it was LibreOffice 5?
Also, if it's LibreOffice indeed, do you know if Docmosis v4 will solve some of those issues?

For the details, we are running Java 8 and Windows 10 and the exception that occurs is a End of File exception when trying to convert the bootstrap file (dummy.doc)

Thank you


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Libre Office 5 and Windows 10 64-bit

[this was resolved via email support in 2015]

Current state of play Jan 2017:

Libre Office 5, 64 bit on Windows works well with Docmosis and Libre Office is recommended.
We recommend Libre Office version as the best stable version currently available.

If you are using a 64 bit version of Libre Office, remember you must use a 64 bit version of Java.